About the Photographer . ..

Since I grew up on the beach, I love doing beach weddings! St. Augustine is the perfect place to take romantic photos. So if you are engaged, planning a wedding or other special event, or just visiting St. Augustine and want some professional photos taken of you and your family, I know ALL the secret, off-the-beaten-path spots to take that unique photo!

I have recently become obsessed with Mermaidens and Angels!  So, I am always out looking for my next Mermaiden for the day, to splash at the beach with a sexy tail!  or visualize yourself with beautiful Angel wings and a long flowing white dress at the beach!  How about your Wedding Dress with Angel Wings!  AHHH Yes!  

My Beginnings 

I grew up in St. Augustine, Florida, the Oldest City in the nation! A very popular wedding destination for people all over the country. We also have the most beautiful ocean, where I played as a child. I love nature and capturing natural sunlight and reflections in water, windows and mirrors, and sometimes shadows - which adds to the effect of the photo! 

My Story   

I fell in love with taking pictures at a very young age, I would borrow my mother's Canon AE-1 and I would experiment with lighting at night-time with no flash, the old fashioned way, with film! Remember those days?

I entered a few random photo contests while still a teenager, with film, and actually placed in the top three for "A Day In The Life of Walnut Creek" contest in California. Since there were over 620 entrants, I was ecstatic.

I displayed my nature photography in several galleries and art shows. One day, a wedding photographer was at one of my shows and asked me if I would be a second shooter at a large wedding. That is how I started taking photos of couples on one of the most joyous days in their lives. I had no idea how much fun it was taking photographs of people in LOVE. Couples in love and ready to join their lives together, simply beautiful. This is what I love to capture on camera. Love.